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Trailpass Holders: Yearbooks were included in the Trailpass last spring and summer so anyone who bought a Trailpass does not need to purchase a yearbook separately unless you would like an extra one.  

How do you know if you bought a Trailpass? 

-Go to

-At the top in the green section select PREVIOUS ORDERS

-A list of orders will display

-Select the Date Placed in 2023 around the spring or summer

-Deadline for Sales is February 23rd, 2024




Do you have pictures you would like included in the yearbook? Please email them to: 

Please include event information as well as grade level and class info.







Want to recognize your Trailblazer in the yearbook?

Then don't miss your chance to purchase a yearbook dedication.

The 1/8 page 2"x4" ad is $30

The 1/4 page 4"x4" ad is $50

The 1/2 page 8"x4" ad is $90


Purchase HERE

Deadline for Sales is January 19th, 2024


Please email your dedication verbiage and picture(s) to

The deadline for submission of your dedication is February 2nd, 2024.